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BFLC – A new arena for debating Belgian and European Food law

Food law matters. Its relevance spans the everyday concerns of the Belgian and European citizen to the business interests of SMEs and multinational food companies as well as global trade. The BFLC seizes on the advantage of its base in Brussels to make use of the proximity to the EU institutions and the Belgian government.

BFLC - Brussels Food Law Centre

The Brussels Food Law Centre is a platform for information and opinion exchange.

Inform, Exchange, Influence

BFLC’s  purpose is to foster learning and debate on Belgian and European food law.

Focussed on Results

The BFLC intends to organise colloquia, seminars and workshops to bring together academics, policymakers at national and European level and stakeholders with interest and influence on food and farm law.  

Food Law
Information Service

Brussels Food Law Information Service is a weekly news service delivering updates from the European institutions related to food.

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European food law is constantly shifting. Publications on policy papers, amendments to laws, court judgments and statements by parliamentarians are many and in their entirety, difficult and time-consuming to track. Food Update Europe is an information serviceproviding comprehensive information on EU food law at a one-stop-shop. The information from Brussels, Strasbourg, Luxembourg and Parma, presented in a standardised format through a weekly newsletter, is an easy to grasp option for food law professionals. 

Food Update Europe comprehensively sifts through the flow of information stemming from the European Commission, European Parliament and Council, European Court of Justice and General Court and, of course, the European Food Safety Authority. When pertinent, we also include survey bodies such as the Joint Research Centre in addition to relevant press clippings.

Food Update Europe provides the raw material for food news, with links to the relevant sources wherever possible, reducing the need for bulky commentary and avoiding paraphrasing. It is thereby the ideal point of reference for those who already know about food law but need to grasp recent updates without wasting time. 

Food Update Europe is a clients’ service. We reserve the right to select the food business operators, associations and other partners with whom we work.